A browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor supports IE, Safari, Gecko based browsers  
Single Domain License
This license allows you to use QWebEditor for a web site.

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Single Server License
This license allows you to use QWebEditor for a single server.

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Distribution License
A Distribution License allows you to distribute QWebEditor within a single commercial application

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These demonstrations provide simple real-world examples of using QWebEditor in your applications. These demo works for IE5.5 to IE8, Mozilla 1.4 or later, or all versions of Firefox, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9 or later. For unsupported browsers, a <textarea> box will be displayed instead.

Example 1
This example displays the default configuration of QWebEditor in a stand-alone form.

Example 2
This example displays QWebEditor as a popup window.

Example 3
This example is similar to example 1 but the editor enumerate all english font in your system. This example requires IE6 or later to work.

Example 4
This example demonstrates how to use QWebEditor as a form element. If the client browser does not have the required features, a normal text box is displayed instead.

Example 5
This example similar to example 4 but using Traditional Chinese string resources.

Example 6
This example demonstrates how to implement page to send HTML email.

Example 7
This example demonstrates how to use QWebEditor in a CMS system.