A browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor supports IE, Safari, Gecko based browsers  
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HTML Editor in your browser
Fast! Reliable! Cross Platform!
QWebEditor is a browser-based HTML editor.  Its WYSIWYG feature is perfect for content management system or any web sites require asking users to enter formatted text. It is a DHTML component and easy to be intergrated into your websites.  Your users do not need to download a bulky ActiveX control, applets and you do not need to worry about the browser security settings.

Features Highlight

  • Browser based HTML editor allows your site visitors to enter rich formatted text.
  • Supports IE5.5 - IE8 for Windows, Mozilla Firefox 0.7 - 3.5 for all platforms, Safari  3+ under Mac OSX, Mozilla 1.4+, Opera 9+ and Google Chrome.
  • Fast initialization and run time speed when comparing to competitors' products. Your pages will still be loaded quickly even having multiple (>10) editors in the same page.
  • It is a JavaScript component and it can be downloaded and installed without users being prompted.
  • PHP and ASP helper libraries are available.
  • Used as a replacement of <textarea>, as a stand alone form or as a pop up editor
  • Highly customizable
  • Powerful editing capabilities
  • Create and access editor in run time through JavaScript - support AJAX application.
  • Multiple languages UI support
  • Can be used in secure web sites
  • XHTML compatibility
  • Writing directions: RTL and LTR support
  • View complete list of features

Latest News

QWebEditor 3.14e has been released. This release stopped QWebEditor from initializing under iOS devices. Please view ChangeLog for more details.

QWebEditor 3.14d has been released. This release fixed an operation abort problem under IE6 and couple minor fixes. Please view ChangeLog for more details.

QWebEditor 3.14c has been released. This release fixed minor problem on IE8 and problem in specifying anchor in hyperlink box. Please view ChangeLog for more details.

QWebEditor 3.14b has been released. This release fixed couple Firefox specific issues and ASP helper library which was broken since 3.14. Please view ChangeLog for more details.

QWebEditor 3.14a has been released. This release updated the "Paste From Word" feature to handle Office 2007 HTML markup.

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